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“Dr. Dominguez is incredibly insightful and great at encouraging growth and celebrating successes. I feel very blessed to be able to work with her.” - T.R.

“The amount that I’ve grown and have been able to overcome has everything to do with the support I get from Dr. Dominguez. She is honest and highly professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help and support.” - N.I.

"Dr. Dominguez is an excellent counsellor. I feel incredibly respected by her. She takes time to listen to my concerns and to really figure out how to help in very effective ways. She has been very accommodating starting from the first session. I would highly recommend Dr. Dominguez!" - N.I. 


"Dr. Dominguez is an amazing listener. She gives me her honest advice and feedback and always makes sure I understand what she is saying/meaning. She fully supports me and shows how much she cares about helping me in my situation. She always responds in a timely manner as well. Thank you Maria for being amazing and helping me through this hard time in my life." - L.E.


"She’s excellent at helping me work through issues calmly and logically" - L.A. 


"Dr. Dominguez is a highly intelligent and compassionate counselor. I've been fortunate enough to only have experience with great counselors and I think Dr. Dominguez genuinely tops my list.
I am gratedul for the ability to influence the topic flow of our sessions to allow me the most help for the current moment without hindering my overall progress and goals. She has expertly kept up with my ever-changing daily needs while helping me to continue progressing through my big picture areas. 
She has been able to help me guide my thinking and address my concerns in a way that allows me to take control of the changes and really make them my own. I feel like this has allowed me to develop in a long-term and sustainable manner. 
I genuinely appreciate all the wisdom, support, care, and understanding Dr. Dominguez has shown me in our time together." - T.R.


"I was very satisfied with Maria's work. She was always very professional and at the same time very caring. She would always remember what we have discussed before, what I had asked for and she was very responsive. I enjoyed working with her lot and I feel I made a lot of progress during my time with her." - S.T.


"Dr. Dominguez was the most constructive counselor I’ve had. The tools she helped me identify I hope will stand me in good stead for years to come." - A.N.


"Dr. Dominguez was able to help straight away. She easily identified where some of my problems lay and has given me tools to implement in my every day. It is early but I look forward to working with her to reach my goals." - J.O.


"I've only spoken with Dr. Dominguez once, but I am already extremely confident in her. I believe that she can provide me with the help that I am looking for in order to move on and do better in life. I'm really excited about this journey. Thank you!" - M.I.