Dr. Dominguez is committed to supporting others in their journeys toward resilient mindsets, emotional states, and relationships.



Dr. Dominguez provides individual, couples, family and group therapy services. Dr. D uses a strengths based approach to help clients overcome the problem. Whether the problem is a betrayal in the relationship, unhealthy conflict, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, etc. Dr. D joins you in your commitment to overcome the problem and create a healing transformation. She is licensed to provide therapy in the states of Missouri, Hawaii, Michigan. Online therapy is available to Missouri, Hawaii, Michigan residents. In person therapy is available to Missouri residents in Fort Leonard Wood area.

The fee is $150 per clinical hour. Package rates and sliding fee scales are also available. Payment is accepted via Cash, Credit Card, HSA, FSA and/or PayPal.

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As a coach, Dr. Dominguez supports clients in reaching their present-focused life goals.  Coaching goals may include improving communication skills, personal development, time management, work-life balance, value based decision making, problem solving skills, character development, self-care and more. Online coaching (video, phone, text based) is available regardless of location. In person coaching is available for Missouri residents.

The rate is $150 per session, package rates and sliding fee scales are also available. Payment is accepted via Cash, Credit Card and/or PayPal.

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e-SURF Support Group

Ever feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water? Do you sometimes feel like you are being drowned in anxiety, anger, sadness, or any other emotion? Join this online group to begin SURFing those emotional waves and increase your emotional IQ.

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Virtual Workshop

Dr. Dominguez provides a live 8 week virtual workshop, titled "Stories of Resilience."  In this workshop Dr. D coaches attendees through her I.PEER.AS method to transform stories that keep us stuck in survival mode and/or past hurts into stories of resilience! This allows us to heal, let go, and move forward with peace, wisdom, confidence and a greater sense of control. The workshop will cover the following:

  • Identifying the story has been keeping you stuck. Understanding the aspects of resilience you currently have engaged and learning to use them to further develop your areas of growth. (Dr. D has helped hundreds of her clients learn how to identify their strengths and use them to thrive, create solutions, and break free from the cycle they get stuck in.)

  • Having clarity about where you are going, experience what it feels like and make the commitment to turn it into a reality.  (Dr. D clients often begin their work knowing something needs to change but aren’t exactly sure what. She helps them connect with their insight & intuition and describe with specificity what they want their life to look like. They are then able to begin making it a reality by committing to taking clear action steps.)

  • Take back your power: over your mindset, beliefs, emotions, your stories, healing, worth, etc. 

  • Rewrite the story of your mind into one of resilience, acceptance, self love, wisdom, and clarity about next steps to move forward. 

  • Action steps of how to implement and live out your renewed story of resilience with acceptance, wisdom, self control, understanding, etc. Identify your growth and progress along the way. 

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